This Drink May Help You to stop Joint Pain in about a Week

Joint pain is a real nuisance and can bring your day to the brink of ruin. Chronic joint pain is often attributed to ageing and this can be a factor. But it can be treated. Ignoring joint pain can put incredible pressure on your body and cause unnecessary degeneration of joint tissue.

Joint pain can be caused by arthritis, loss of bone density and injury, which can also indicate a lack of nutrients. If you have pain every day and cannot identify the cause, this is a good starting point. We have a shake recipe that not only makes a painful part of your joint more comfortable, but also makes sure that you enjoy tasting so good.

Let’s take a look at the different ingredients in this super building for joint relief and then share the recipe. Once you know how each element helps, you can play around with the recipe by adding and subtracting to get the best possible balance.

First, let’s take a closer look at the mechanism of joint pain: inflammation.


In fact, it is a defence mechanism of the organism to seal off a part of the affected body so that the problem, whatever it is, cannot spread. However, chronic inflammation causes more problems than it solves. An autoimmune disease is classified as an inflammation that usually does not go away. If there is no infection to fight, but the inflammation persists, stiffness, pain and a possible loss of function in the affected joints occur.

Chronic inflammation can also displace the joints from their position and cause muscle tension. At some point, the muscles around the displaced joint will rebuild to stabilise it, and none of this is pleasant. At this stage, you may also feel pain in other parts of your body because of the malposition of the joint. A common cause of inflammation is a lack of vitamins, especially if the body lacks calcium, magnesium, iron and bromelain. Our smoothie formula is designed to provide adequate nutrition to reduce chronic inflammation and facilitate healing of the original injury.

Selected ingredient


Pineapple is important for joint diseases is bromelain. This anti-inflammatory substance is generally recommended for people with arthritis as it reduces the swelling of soft tissue injuries. Other important properties of pineapple are vitamin C, as well as manganese, B vitamins, copper and fibre.

Orange juice

Speaking of vitamin C: orange juice helps to keep ligaments and tendons strong, which is excellent for supporting joints. The antioxidant properties of orange reduce oxidative stress caused by free radical damage. Carotenoids and flavonoids support the blood vessel cells and inhibit the inflammatory reaction, which relieves pain. Orange juice also contains magnesium and calcium to promote joint health, which makes it simply fantastic.

Rolled oats

Whole grain cereals, such as oats, fend off inflammation because they are resistant starch. They are a type of carbohydrate that is not digested by your system and feed healthy gut bacteria instead of the whole body. Healthy bacteria produce a fatty acid that makes fat oxidation more efficient, resulting in less inflammation. You also get some iron per serving, which is another common deficiency associated with joint pain.

Raw honey

Honey has a delicate and sweet taste which contains a real antioxidant punch. For ten years it has also been used as a medicine against various diseases such as cough and skin infections by mixing it with apple vinegar. Honey is a common natural analgesic for joint pain. However, we find that our milkshake tastes better. Honey still offers all the nutritional benefits of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as a pleasant sweetness and smooth texture.


Cinnamon is a spice that helps to improve blood circulation, which can be hindered by inflammation. Cinnamon has also been widely used to treat joint diseases. In some cases, bone problems in the joints cause inflammation and chronic pain. A 2019 study on rheumatoid arthritis and Dom


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